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In my last job, I spent seventy percent of my working hours in meetings. Mostly I was running from meeting to meeting. I’ve visited up to four meetings at the same timeslot. Some were full of irrelevant people sitting just like mannequins. Some lasted hours, but worth much less.

I’ve thought ways to minimize them efficiently. Even our organization looked a lot of ways to eliminate inefficient meetings. The Academy engaged pieces of training on the topic, the Internal Communication published hints and tips to discourage unnecessary meetings. IT assigned some automatic arrangements on the calendar. Even the number of…

We are at most in lockdown conditions for a year. Many things have changed in our lives. We, as the social entities, self-isolate ourselves. Economies are struggling, politicians have nothing new to say, nature is healing itself, people are getting uneasier than before. Lately, one more Random Act of Kindness Day has passed. That day I felt nothing, more of a desperate but hopeful mind. What if we are in between the dawn of kindness economy.

Why not?

While we are doing business, having not met before, we put great effort to be kind to each other and feel empathy…

Yurdumun yarısı belki de Boğaziçili gençleri hadsiz ve şımarık buluyor olabilir; diğer yarısı da Gezi beklentisi içinde olabilir. Sosyolog değilim, ama bir üyesi olarak bu mikro topluluğun gerçeklerinden bahsedebilirim.

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi’nin öğrencilerinde Gezi zekâsı yoktur, Sonsuz Empati duygusu vardır. Çünkü

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi binlerce öğrencinin aynı amfiyi paylaştığı bir yer değildir: oldukça az sayıda öğrenci okur. Hatta amfi sayısı bir elin parmaklarını geçmez. Herkes birbirini tanır.

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi’nde kampüs kültürü vardır, fakülte kültürü yoktur. Kampüs içinde herkes birbiriyle aynı havayı solur, aynı suyu içer. Fakülteler ayrımı yoktur. Herkes ilgilendiği konuyla ilgili dersi istediği fakülteden alır.

Onlarca farklı kulüp vardır. Gençler özgürce kulüp faaliyetlerine katılır ve o faaliyetlere katılmak için o kulüpte yer alman bile gerekmez.

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi’nde fikirler ve ideolojiler el, yumruk, söz sataşması şeklinde savunulmaz. Panolarda ve posterlerde görüp okursunuz fikirleri. Ve o fikirler birbiriyle konuşmayı, ders çalışmayı ve not…

Tıbbi maskelerin stoksuzluğu ile birlikte dropshipping fırsatları bir yandan çığır gibi büyümüşken, bugün Çin’den gelen “Üretime başladık” haberiyle karaborsada tanesi 3,5 dolardan satılan maskeler büyük iniş içine girdiler.

Diğer yandan Çin ve Güney Kore’nin ardından İtalya’nın sıkı bir denetime geçmek durumunda kalması nedeniyle Avrupa ve Amerika artık tehlikeyi enselerinde hissediyor. Çarşamba günü görülen resmi bir hükümet belgesi, Hükümet’in İngilizlerin yüzde 80'inin koronavirüs tarafından enfekte edilebileceği en kötü durum senaryosuna hazırlandığını açıkladı. Bu, 50 milyonun virüsü yakalayabileceği ve ölüm oranının yüzde biriyle 500.000 kişinin öldüğü anlamına geliyor.

Ekonomik göstergeler bu haftanın başından itibaren olumsuz yönde harekette:
Büyüyen salgın haberleri yatırımcılarda karışıklık yaratarak…

While, with the lack of medical masks, the dropshipping market grew like a breakthrough, today with the news of “we started our production as usual” coming from China, the masks sold at $3.5 in the black market have entered into a big landing.

On the other hand, Europe and America now feel the danger at their nape, as Italy has to undergo strict control after China and South Korea. An official government document seen on Wednesday revealed the UK Government is preparing for the possible worst-case scenario that 80 per cent of Brits could be infected by the coronavirus. …

The number 9 has a special place for me. It is odd but not prime. Symbolically, 9 is the number of fulfillment, wisdom, self-examination and enlightenment. Yet we are at the end of 2019. What a remarkable year it was for me. I am renewed and awakened to a different person.

2019 was the year where my attitudes and beliefs that I’ve been carrying were destroyed one by one. Chaos and change quickly swept me. I’ve come out of a chaos that deeply improves my identity, makes me a new me, revives and renews how I treat the world. The…

❗️ Caution: Contains Spoiler!

Leonardo: Experiencing a Masterpiece’ is considered as a controversial exhibition for many art lovers. As the name suggests, this exhibition is an immersive experience that takes you to discover the secrets of Leonardo’s masterpiece “The Virgin of the Rocks” through virtual reality technologies.

The exhibition consists of five main areas built on different aspects of the masterpiece.

Meet the Mind of a Genius

The exhibition starts from a hallway that gives clues as to how the Genius produces his works: the mirror-written – Leonardo wrote from right to left – notes on observing nature, a visual introduction accompanied by music and nature…

Or, The Creatures of Prometheus by the artist Peter Wu
Or, The Creatures of Prometheus by the artist Peter Wu
Or, The Creatures of Prometheus by the artist Peter Wu

For the last couple of years, we’ve been talking about artificial intelligence. And today AI is doing a lot. However, we are exaggerating its abilities. We, marketers, are playing the game of promoting the concepts, not the realities. And today AI has already an amazing promise.

At least we have our silly Siri.

I grew with the fantastic Star Wars and The Jetson Family in which there are robots clever and practical enough to ease our daily lives. I got frightened by the Terminator. I went to Japan at the beginning of the 2K and saw many astonishing technological advances using AI. [Wow they are still pretty…

My point today is highly associated with what I wrote about asking questions.

Data is today’s diamond; the most valuable product of any companies.

According to recent research, the analytical market size in the US was valued at $4,75 billion in 2018, is expected to reach $22,4 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 25.2% from 2019 to 2025.

According to IDC, by 2020, there will be around 44 trillion gigabytes of data (44 zettabytes).

Our new data production speed is 2.5 quintillion bytes per day.

Obviously, data science is a term that has limited usage in business. With the…

I am a questioner. So much so that, I can’t act until I hear the answer to my Why? question. Anyone who knows me can tell about me. The questions I ask myself and the people around me are usually dominant, disturbing and thought-provoking. It doesn’t sound nice. I am working on being provocative without being assertive.

Being an individual asking questions also teaches to ask the right questions, over time and gradually.

Questions are the way to gain deeper knowledge and develop more innovative solutions. You can always get better answers by asking questions. …

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