5 Tips to Complete A Design Project Sooner

Ansı Rona-Bayıldıran
2 min readNov 6, 2021

Feedback is a challenge for human relations. From parents to managers, teachers. Actual feedback I am talking about, not the social media critics or complaints.

Today, let’s dive into giving feedback to the designers to reach your ideal design output (logo, process, product, website, whatsoever) ONCE FOR ALL. I have been working with designers for so many years. At first, it was troubling me to give corrections to the designer: to limit their creativity, to boss up, to hurt feelings. It was a long way to go for an inexperienced colleague.

I decided to share my learnings in a 2-min read.

Think about collaboration

Our senses and brain are not precisely good at making decisions. They are all trapped by our past experience and superficial knowing of the things. So mindset is everything. First of all, change your mindset from judging to collaborating. Remember, nobody wants to work on a logo pack for weeks. Then articulate the hidden adjective “negative” feedback into “productive”.

Be crystal clear and specific

“I don’t like the look&feel”

“This is not what I think”

Those are not feedbacks at all. Feedback has to be descriptive and indicating what is wrong and what is right. Do not tell that you don’t like it, but tell them that the specific points you are not feeling good. Such;



Ansı Rona-Bayıldıran

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