On Random Act of Kindness Day

Ansı Rona-Bayıldıran
2 min readFeb 22, 2021


We are at most in lockdown conditions for a year. Many things have changed in our lives. We, as the social entities, self-isolate ourselves. Economies are struggling, politicians have nothing new to say, nature is healing itself, people are getting uneasier than before. Lately, one more Random Act of Kindness Day has passed. That day I felt nothing, more of a desperate but hopeful mind. What if we are in between the dawn of kindness economy.

Why not?

While we are doing business, having not met before, we put great effort to be kind to each other and feel empathy to build a long-lasting relationship.

As we look for spiritual practices for easing our minds, we are realising the awesomeness of the moment.

By pandemic and the rise in the wallet share of Gen Z, giant retailers are struggling that brand loyalty is not all about promotion and mass production.

As pandemic will be eased,

(A) Retailers on the high street need to find new ways to attract their customers by giving them meaningful reasons to get into their space:

The trend will be NO MORE.

  • No more hundreds of products,
  • No more large spaces.
  • No more credit consumption.
  • No more shiny interiors, cut-off flowers.

But strong bonding with local communities.

  • The experience will be a mix of wellbeing, shopping, culture and entertainment.
  • Social responsibility acts.
  • Innovation in the product and service mix by circular economy practices.

(B) Many online retailers which are not really serving good will be bankrupted. Because

  • People seek DECENCY and KINDNESS to the environment and community.
  • People seek bonding with the brand for the greater good.

The retail industry is in a silent therapy to reset itself. That requires kindness to self and others.



Ansı Rona-Bayıldıran

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